2018 Ross SIG Conference has ended
This annual customer conference offers sessions across Ross Special Interest Groups, including the Chemicals, Metals & Natural Products, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences and Services industries. Special Focus Groups revolve around Finance, Technology and Operations. Attendees have the opportunity to meet with Ross product experts, as well as their peers from other customer companies.
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David Whatley

Paradise Tomato Kitchens
Special Projects Manager/Corporate Analyst
Louisville, KY

David Whatley is a Special Projects Manager/Corporate Analyst for Paradise Tomato Kitchens (PTK) a manufacturer of high quality signature sauces for restaurant chains and industrial customers. PTK has three plants across the US, two in Louisville, KY and one in Los Banos, CA. David has 31 years of manufacturing experience with GE, ExxonMobil Chemical and Anglo American Molds. He has spent the last nine years with Paradise Tomato Kitchens, serving five years as a Plant Manager before taking his current position. 

PTK installed and went live in Factory MES performance in Feb/Mar 2014. The data was purged after 4 weeks. The company has realized many benefits in the areas of: culture change on the plant floor and collection of accurate information (downtime, changeover time, machine slow time and OEE.)